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The First Book is our first handmade book. It’s entirely screen printed on traditional cotton paper and handbound by us. We were very careful to make the process as sustainable and clean as possible. There is Live in a Handmade Book

Em Voz Baixa | En Voz Baja is an artist’s book that comprises poetry, silkscreen printed art and Porto wine. This hand-bound book was created by people from Portugal, Spain and Poland.

Pirá is a well humored book for children about a friendly piranha with a big smile. But Pirá, the piranha is afraid to catch the disease that makes children loose their teeth. Could you imagine a piranha without teeth??

The Locomotive by Julian Tuwim, is one of the most beloved children’s poems in Polish literature, it’s an onomatopeic ode to the steam train, full of rhythm and joy. Paulo Galindro illustrated this Portuguese translation of the famous masterpiece.

London in the seventies is the backdrop for the latest adventure of the Sad Boy, the alter-ego of the author João Mascarenhas. You’ll meet Soo Catoman and see a gig with Siouxsie in the Screen on the Green. A great punk comic book!

Fernweh Master thesis 116 pages / 26,73 cm x 18,90 cm / Silkscreen on transparant film / 12 colors / 10 copies Text: Judith Milh and Fien Jorissen Special thanks: Sint Lucas Antwerp, Geert, Paul, Eva, ssnn, Judith, POC and Emma Inspired by photos of...