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Full Moon Drawing - Full Moon Fine Art Print

Gallery For Wolf Howling At Full Moon Drawing

“She used to tell me that a full moon was when mysterious things happen and wishes come true.” ― Shannon A. Thompson. (art by William Hemmerling)

this is a very cool way to draw hair, as opposed to lots of lines up top or throughout, just at the bottom. like it.

Jemma wrapped her arms closer around her to not only keep out the cold, but to also shut out the words others had said against her.

Sketch SOLD Graphite on Paper. There's something about these cropped half face close ups that I keep coming back Doc

The pen brings back memories from graphic designing school. Wish I could draw like that though. Beautiful!!

This could be done as an exercise using tracing paper over photos of peeps to explore cross contour

The piece is nearly symmetrical and uses a variety of values to show the shape and texture of the bows.

Good to show students block method way to start a drawing and measure/compare sizes & shapes . . .