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Sadhguru looks at the difference between operating out of devotion, and operating through the intellect. Devotion means to allow the grace of the existence to flow through you, intellect means to divide everything into a million pieces and believe you have understood. If we see that everything is beyond our understanding, whether a leaf, an ant or an atom, it would be natural to bow down.

A seeker asks Sadhguru about the importance of devotion, to which Sadhguru replies that being devoted is not about someone or something. Devotion is essentially an enduring sweetness of emotion, with which your body and mind will function at their best.

Sadhguru speaks about his experience at Kanti Sarovar, the glacial lake a few kilometers beyond Kedarnath, where Shiva, the first yogi or Adiyogi, transmitted the yogic sciences to the Saptarishis, over 15,000 years ago. He chants the Nada Brahma chant, and explains how this chant resounded across the lake in his presence. He speaks about the significance of this chant, and also explains the meaning.

Watch Sadhguru on the Aastha TV channel, every Sunday at 9AM. Whether youth, health and nation building, or yoga, the afterlife and enlightenment, Sadhguru speaks with equal perception and wisdom about every aspect of life. His words offer life-altering perspectives and a taste of existence the way it is.

The month of Karthik in the Indian calendar marks the seasonal shift from a time of sadhana to a time of harvest. Sadhguru reminds us of the importance of lighting lamps in celebration and also to signify enlightenment, awareness, consciousness and ultimate liberation.

Beginning with a story about an Indian hat salesman and his grandson, Sadhguru explains that once you come as a human being, the process of evolving through nature is over for you. The only way to evolve is to do so consciously. This is simply because what you call as human is not an established state. Any number of possibilities are open for a human being, as to how he makes himself.

Sadhguru looks at how morality and virtues are "just a cover-up job." What should have naturally happened, people try to act out through morality, he tells us. He looks at why such concepts are not sustainable, and explains that if we throb as life, morality or teaching would be unnecessary. What this life has to do, we will anyway do. And what we need not do, we will not do.

In response to a question on the United States presidential elections, Sadhguru explains that America’s leadership is important to the whole world. This nation is large enough to embrace the world. It is our responsibility to ask our leaders, “Who is willing to do it?”

Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani asks Sadhguru why Indians seem to prefer Western culture and attitudes to India's own intrinsic values and culture. Sadhguru looks at the fundamental ethos and thread that binds Indian culture together, and explain how it is only the spiritual process that has kept Indian culture alive, despite centuries of persecution during the British Raj.