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Relaxing Nature: Forest Bird Sounds. Great for meditation and centring the mind to block thoughts and distractions from coming in.


Brene Brown On Demand

Share your gifts with the world!!!! Here's a quote I love: "Use the talents that you possess -- if only the best birds sang, the forest would be silent."

8 Hours of long relaxing forest, nature and bird song sounds for sleep, meditation, yoga and relaxation. If you listen to this long forest sound video during sleep or meditation you will feel peaceful and calm. Great for tinnitus, meditation, yoga, when you study, go to sleep, have insomnia or have sleep deprivation. Please like, subscribe and comment if you enjoyed this video. It will really help me out a lot. :)

Gregg Braden Options for this story "What if our religion was each other "If our practice was our life "If prayer, our words. "What if the temple was the earth "If forests were our church "If holy water - the rivers, lakes, and oceans "What if meditation was our relationships "If the Teacher was life "If wisdom was self-knowledge "If love was the center of our being" ~ Ganga White Alberto Villoldo's Photo

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How to Make a 72-Hour Emergency Kit for Mormons

Update your 72 Hour Kit every six months (put a note in your calendar/planner--maybe first weekend in April and October) to make sure that: all food, water, and medication is fresh and has not expired; clothing fits; personal documents and credit cards are up to date; and batteries are charged.

Relaxing #Music -  Relaxation Music The terms “relaxation music” and “music therapy” are fairly new terms, the practice involves using music to calm, relax, and heal which can be traced back through history.  Music has always been utilized whether it was through celebration, religious c... -

Let yourself be pampered to the sound of the waves, or to the wildlife of Costa Rica. Go Bird Watching, swimming or hiking and finish the day with another session of Yoga or a delightful massage under a flamboyant tropical sunset. A great way to spend the day!