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"No means no Captain Kirk"! Kirk thinks he is above the rules for misconduct and try's to Pon-farr with Spock. Spock has had enough, and will set Jim straight!

Wil Wheaton (Wesley), Sir Patrick Stewart (Picard), and Brent Spiner (Data) at 2012 Montreal Comicon

Wil Wheaton, Sir Patrick Stewart & Brent Spiner at Montreal Comic Con. I would probably have that same look on my face too Wil.


Yesterday, all my tribbles seemed so far away. The Beatles/Star Trek mash up

Spock - Zachary Quinto did such a great job with this roll

Funny pictures about Sassy Spock. Oh, and cool pics about Sassy Spock. Also, Sassy Spock.


This includes movies and shows! Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk(Star Trek) & Thor(Thor), Jennifer Morrison as Mrs. Kirk(Star Trek) & Emma Swan(Once Upon A Time), & Chris Pine as James "Jim" T.

dang, son.

Bahaha… "dang, son"… this made me laugh far more than it should have.

The three most important people on the ship and six other red shirt guys beam down onto a dangerous planet...and we all know who's going to die.

I love making fun of all the redshirts, and predicting when in an episode they're going to die >:D

River Song

So hardcore she DIVORCED Voldemort. Honestly if Matt Smith and Alex Kingston got married my life would be complete

Star Trek LOLs via George Takei

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Spock gets ticked. Live briefly and fail. (Instead of "Live long and prosper")

Why can't we have these versions...

Five Sci-Fi Children's Books

Funny pictures about TV series as children books. Oh, and cool pics about TV series as children books. Also, TV series as children books.

Lame, but I'm laughing

Lame, but I'm laughing