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3D Audio Headphones

Improve your auditory experience by listening to your tunes through these audio headphones. The headphones instantly calibrate to your anatomy, increasing...

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Sennheiser's 3D audio will finally make VR complete

Sennheiser's 3D audio will finally make VR complete - Today at CES, Sennheiser announced AMBEO, a 3D audio technology that promises to change the way audio is captured and reproduced. #CES2016

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Marshall's wireless headphones rock all night (and day) long

Marshall's wireless headphones rock all night (and day) long | When will these headphones die? That's what I'm thinking two days after switching on Marshall's $150 wireless Major II. The box clearly states "30 hours of playback," but it is a humble fib. It breezed past the 30-hour mark, well, hours ago. If it carries on much longer, it'll reach a second night, and probably run out while I sleep.


Wireless audio buying guide

From Bluetooth speakers to multi-room audio: Your smartphone and your Internet connection give you access to an endless supply of music. And wireless audio systems give you lots of new ways to listen. So many, in fact, that it’s not easy to choose the best gear for your situation. Read on — we’ll help you figure it out.

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Glowing Constellations Globe

Get an astronomer's point of view of the night sky as you stare at its many star formations on the glowing constellations globe. This 2-in-1 globe displays the continents during the day and comes alive at night as it displays the many constellations.

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The Almighty Board could be a chef’s dream come true

Touchscreen cutting board that can give you recipes, weigh what you're chopping and even tell you when it's clean enough! Brilliant!