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Medicine Chest, Medicine Cabinet

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Medicine Hat is the name applied to horses exhibiting a unique and rare pattern of color. Being mostly white in body, Medicine Hats have color on their ears and top of the head, which resembles a bonnet or hat.

This magnificent and unique medicine chest was made for Vincenzo Giustiniani (d. 1570), the last Genoese governor of the island of Chios in the eastern Aegean Sea. He ruled Chios from 1562 until the Turks expelled the Genoese in 1566 after an occupation of some two hundred years. On a box from the middle drawer is painted the symbol of Chios – a black eagle above a three-towered castle. The chest contains 126 bottles and pots for drugs, some of which still have their original contents.

Storage Ideas Using Repurposed Finds

Repurposing old windows, with old barn wood, to make a little cabinet.

Wild Medicine Hat Stallion....according to Indian legend the Medicine Hat Stallion's rider would be protected from all injury or evil. The markings on his head are his helmet or warrior head dress, the markings on his chest make his shield..

Medicine Hat Paint - Sedona is a gaited, Medicine Hat Paint mare. Medicine Hat Paints have a cap of dark hair around their ears surrounded by white. On her chest the brown pattern is called a war shield. Her coloring is considered the most sacred to many Native American tribes. She would have been the center of a whole village.