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This is so cool!! And it would make him an accidental first costumed vigilante, as he's wearing a costume of sorts!! His uniform!! XD

The actors signed this poster as their characters, and each one is perfect. Thor has a hammer. Tony's is like a celebrity autograph, while Pepper's is typical of a corporate signature for documents. Bruce's is almost illegible, like a doctor. Clint has an arrow! Fury's is very pointy, like knives. Steve identifies himself as "cap", as if he's not that famous. Natasha's draws no attention. Phil's is like an office workers' signature. Loki's is like a smug drawl, and Hill's is feminine but…

"Excuse me...where's the restroom?" #mintmintdoodles

OMG! Tom Hiddleston on the set of Kong: Skull Island. Full size image: Source:

The Avengers 2 plot twist: Loki comes back and brings all the fangirls and they take over the world and use One Direction as their personal butlers