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Last of the Time Lords. Ninth Doctor poster. Exterminate! Are you my mummy? Bad wolf.

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10th Doctor

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The 10th

Doctor Who. David Tennant, the 10th Doctor :) my absolute favorite!

I have a poster of this. My favorite thing is how all of the silhouettes have a bunch of faces and stuff in them, with the monsters usually in the foreground, and then there's Ten's, which is just - ROSE. She's in Nine's as well, but in Ten's, she's front and center and the largest thing in the picture. Like it's saying "a lot of stuff happened, but this human left the biggest mark."

Oh, Doctor <3

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Doctor Who- 10th Doctor

oh what the doctor did to them...

Doctor Who

The fact that his last words were, "I don't want to go!" just makes it so much worse. Ten's catchphrase was always "Allons-y!" (Let's go!) Maybe it was just his nature, running from one thing to the next with an unparalleled enthusiasm, but maybe- just maybe- it was his way of avoiding the end.

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