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BEST IDEA EVER! Write love letters to each other on the eve of wedding day, place them in a box with wine and nail it shut. When you have your first fight, open it up, pour the wine, go to separate corners, read the love letter & remember what it's all about.

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If it rains on your wedding day--collect the rain and save it for an ornament in a recycled lightbulb!!

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Something fun for guests to do at the table for a wedding. What should we name our kids? What is the most romantic place we should visit? What is the best marriage advice you have ever received? What is your favorite memory of us? Where do you see us in 25 years? When did you know we were meant for each other?

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Every girl gets a key tries to see if she holds the key. Nice alternative to the traditional bouquet toss. I like this!

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i hope i can remember to ask my photographer to do it




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"Who Wears the Cake" ...whoever has more money in the cup gets it in the face (good way to get extra cash for the honeymoon!) totally doing this!!!

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Just because your deceased loved ones can't be with you on your wedding day doesn't mean they can't be remembered...this is so sweet!

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Wedding Bouquet - need to remember this


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Take a picture with your flowergirl wearing your wedding shoes and give to her on her wedding day!

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Handmade wooden sign. This hand distressed sign reads: Leave a message In a Bottle For name & name to open In a year The sign is

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The Original, DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box!

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Friends and family write notes and slip in whatever year bottle they want. Open it on your anniversary that year.

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Haha creative! Andrew would of loved this! Lol


Wedding Day Timing Tips from Robert & Kathleen Photographers

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The 10 Common Wedding Day Timing Mistakes

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If you know your girl is a little picky, and will probably want to be in on the whole diamond buying part... try proposing with this love letter ring FIRST and then she can pick out her own engagement ring! (or at least help) I would think this is soooooooooo cute! One of the only ways to get his true feelings.

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Love this idea:: The bride and groom shared a special, private moment together before the ceremony—without seeing each other! writing love letters to each other and reading them = perfect... This is precious

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Personalized Unity Sand Ceremony Shadow Box Set. Ooh this is just too cute. I'm getting this for my sand ceremony.

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I want to do this!

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Im doing this!!!!!! Wedding Ceremony-Write love letters to each other and place it in a box with a bottle of wine. Nail the box shut during your ceremony and open it on your 10 year anniversary to remember how you felt on your wedding day.

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i wish i could watch this alllllll day.