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    Silly Putty

    Silly putty



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    silly putty

    I remember this

    wow, i remember this!!

    old taco bell sign

    Many a VCR recording

    Out of a can ;) Loved it!!

    Bob's Big Boy

    1960s Vintage U.S. Postage Stamp Vending Machine by Christian Montone via flickr

    Oh the parents owned a roller skating rink from the 40's-60's and this is what the rental skate room looked like!

    Magic Sand

    Loved this...

    Remember these?

    Loved the smell.

    The bright red color freaked me out. My Grandma always put it on us.

    Hair Tape-Remember this one?

    PeeChee folders! wow! These take me BACK!

    A. W. Faber Typewriter Erasers -

    I remember these on birthday cakes as a child---licking the frosting off the bottom

    loved my Mrs. Beasley doll

    Lassie was a must-see every Saturday in the 1950's