What a civilized fellow... Oh, what am I saying! He's so ADORBS I could just put him in my pocket!!! ;)




This cat is so cute! Ahh!

Vampire kitty!!

mustache kitty

Black cat

The secret to tasty baking is catnip.

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What a Cute White Kitten with Pale Mauve Wide Brim Hat With Silk Flower Feathers And Sequins Accent from That Way Hat


silly kitty <3

I want to walk around with a kitty in m y pocket


LOVE this photo. I want it to be three generations of beautiful white cats – although I know it’s probably two from one litter. It’s very cute though and I wish they were in my home!



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Black Shorthair Cat Doorstop Pillow - A Love of Dogs – For the Love Of Dogs - Shopping for a Cause