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Thor’s Helmet Nebula

Peggy "Lady Bo" Jones was one of the first female lead guitarists in rock & roll, Peggy Jones is most notable for her work in Bo Diddley's backing band, for which she earned the affectionate -- and appropriate -- nickname Lady Bo. However, her musical resume is much longer, boasting stints as a doo wop singer and an R/soul bandleader. Born in New York, Jones began her career as a professional dancer.

¿Qué es la hormona de crecimiento?

Jimi Hendrix with his first electric guitar in Seattle in 1957.

Cómo mejorar la visualización mental

Mick Jagger forms group (1962 newspaper clipping)

Sonidos isocrónicos para generar serotonina

Clouds of Perseus

Sonidos binaurales para la memoria

meditación guiada online

Robert Plant outside Chicago, Apr. 1977 by sy.chyck, via Flickr

¿Por qué no puedo dormir? melotonina digital.

Meg White

Mister Magoo comic book (and Tv Series 1960–1961) - Thx Fernando

Olsen-Sidonio Centaurus A Extreme Deep Field

John Lennon & his family (except for Julian)

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