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Yes, that is Sophia Loren and yes, that is armpit hair you know where!

The more pictures you see of women with armpit hair, the less "wrong" or "strange" it starts to look. We're being bombarded by media image of clean hairless armpits, with the clear message that any hair out there is disgusting and not sexy. These women prove you can be sexy WITH your armpit hair and by embracing, accepting and being happy with your body, even sexier than with waxed pits. Of course, everything is a matter of choice, but it seems that society doesn't give us much choice on this.

“Maybe I would have had kids if I had a wife. I have a lot of guy comic friends who have families because they have wives (who) raise the kids.”

looking for a last minute Halloween Costume? Black dress + red wig + a hair brush = Grace Coddington

You can rock a bad hair day and give zero fucks. | The 24 Most Underrated Parts Of Being Single

My hair looks bad some days but NEVER as bad as that jackasses. Trump, I mean. Not the other one.


Maude Fealy - i want my hair to be this lovely

"Until I saw Brave. Then the unruly truth came out."<--hahaha I did not write this and it is the sole reason I repined it!

do you think i can train my hair to do this? it still needs to grow about... three inches.