Sarah Silverman. Now that's some armpit hair!!


This is a sad, but heartfelt story. Self-harming is an issue and people need to know they are loved.

"I hate shaving so much, so it has been very liberating to finally decide to stop shaving. Society needs to learn to accept that women grow hair, and it’s not gross, unattractive, manly, or unsanitary. Go women!"

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A History of Women and Underarm Hair

"Lady Gaga is always eccentric, even when it comes to her armpit hair." Good on Lady Gaga for this, shame on you Radar for judging these women on their body hair

Look at her armpit hair. She don't give a fuck. I love her lol

The more pictures you see of women with armpit hair, the less "wrong" or "strange" it starts to look. We're being bombarded by media image of clean hairless armpits, with the clear message that any hair out there is disgusting and not sexy. These women prove you can be sexy WITH your armpit hair and by embracing, accepting and being happy with your body, even sexier than with waxed pits. Of course, everything is a matter of choice, but it seems that society doesn't give us much choice on thi...

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Christina Ricci

Women have hair on their legs. We have hair on our armpits. And on our pubis. And in a thousand other places. We're hairy, the same as men. And that's real. A reality that women, pressured by one another, insist on hiding.

:: Andrej Pejic by -Karina-, via Flickr beautiful. Androgynous model (he is male, but models as a female mostly). Stunning human being.

Sophia Loren, icona italiana famosa nel mondo, ha detto che tutto quello che ha (come ad es.: l'invidiabile fisico!) lo deve alla pasta. Buon appetito!

Ben Hopper Underarm Hair

Dyeing Your Armpits Bright Colors Is Now a Thing ..... it's like a train wreck! Ewwww can't stop looking