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    little nudge

    The Gifts Of Life

    A newborn elephant walks near its mother at the zoo in Prague, Czech Republic. The female baby elephant is two weeks old in this photo.

    Bird earrings

    Hedgehogs are sooo cute!

    Little Elephant!

    Top 10 Dog Breeds For Lazy Owners


    Baby Elephant

    Baby Koala ♡

    Oh my goodness! A one hour old baby Elephant

    Lion love - Mum's little girl

    baby elephant.

    Baby Frenchie

    Baby gorilla


    Baby elephant ♥ | We need to give them back their future. SUPER CUTE!!!

    After decades apart, two former circus elephants reunite at an animal sanctuary. Taken from their mothers when they were only babies and abused for entertainment, these two finally found each other again.


    Kangaroos at dawn

    A new-born giraffe calf is licked clean by its mother