Persian Lattice by Neil Burley. A wealth of tangles in his gallery, worth the visit.

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Yew-dee by Peg Farmer, Certified Zentangle Teacher. Sharla Hicks comment: Gotta love tangles that are off shots of official tangles. I see Bales as the foundation for this new, inspiring tangle and a quarter of a Cadent as filler.


ING - the newest official tangle found in the Zentangle Newsletter

Life Imitates Doodles: My tangle pattern "Wisket"

wisket -- found under "Zentangles" board (tons of cool patterned drawings, great for art projects) -- I think this could be easily converted into a quilt pattern

AQUAFLEUR - by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas, zentangle creators

Aquafleur - Official Zentangle - by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas, zentangle creators

Decobricks - tangle pattern | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Inspired by an art deco brick wall, this pattern zings with a touch of shading. The original wall was of blue brick with the brick cluster deepset into the brickwork.