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Esso tiger tail, to hang from antenna

Esso Extra. My dad had an esso station for a while. I used to beg tiger tail key fobs for friends at school

Esso, tiger in your

put a tiger in your tank.........esso

Tiger in your Tank - I remember when Esso became Exxon.

Esso. There used to be an Esso Tiger Tail hanging in the windscreen of my father's car...

Put a Tiger in Your Tank . Dad brought these home and gave each of us one to keep. Esso

Remember the "Tiger Tails" hanging out of gas tanks?


oh yes.... i remember

Remember this?

I Remember These!

I remember this!

I remember these....


I remember this ;)

Remember these? I love you this much

I remember these

Remember These?.

Remember this?!

I remember these!