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Esso, tiger in you tank! Back in the '60s they gave away a tiger tail with fill-up. I had it tied to my bike for years!

Esso Extra I remember my Dad singing I gotta Tiger by the tail. By Buck Owens everytime we got gas here.LOL.

put a tiger in your tank.........esso

Put a Tiger in Your Tank . Dad brought these home and gave each of us one to keep. Esso

Tiger in your Tank What I do remember are the tiger tails that could be hung on gas tank!

Remember the "Tiger Tails" hanging out of gas tanks?

esso: Who Remember .27 cents a gallon. They provided a Clean uniformed man the not only filled your Gas Tank, but then Cleaned your windshield, And checked your Oil and fluids. " Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end..."

Each booth at the Drive In had one. You chose the tune, put a coin & sang along.

Before there were computers, books were checked out this way.

retro 1970s novelty - I love you this much.. OMG...I had these statues and gave them to my friends also...

Things I remember from my childhood - we used to get these when we went on car trips to keep us busy

Prell Shampoo--I remember the commercial showing a pearl added to the bottle and would descend slowly to the bottom-NOTE the coupon