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Kinetic Sculptures - Anthony Howe's sculpture garden on Orcas Island, WA. Taken during our fourth anniversary trip to Orcas Island.

Amazing Kinetic Walking Sculptures | Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Love this kind of interactive art! You can play the chimes from the top of the bridge or hitting them from below, or just let the wind do its thing. Mark Nixon, for the Sculpture by the Sea festival.

Visual math: Reuben Margolin builds large scale kinetic sculptures based off of mechanical waves. Some of his sculptures contain hundreds of pulleys all working in harmony with each other to create sinusoidal waves and their resulting interference patterns.

Cloud. This mesmerizing Troika-produced digital sculpture can be found at the British Airways` Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport.

Theo Jensen, kinetic genius who Da Vinci would have been proud to call an inspiration. Too bad about the music choice, no? I would love to film his creations, no music, just the sound of wind and "footsteps" -

Long Wave, by Toronto’s David Rokeby at the Allen Lambert Galleria, Brookfield Place as part of Luminato 2009

Fisher Technical Services, Inc. (FTSI) is a Las Vegas-based entertainment automation company best known for its sophisticated "Navigator" software and automation products.  Their work spans the entertainment world from movie sets to theme parks, theaters to rock tours, and everything in between.  FTSI's mechanical design and fabrication services...

David Letellier - Kinetic sculpture installation, 2010. From Tinguely's poetic machines to Alexander Calder's mobiles or Buckminster Fuller's synergetics, Tessel combines influences that question the link between geometry, movement and chaos, thus continuing the quest for beauty in the synesthetic perception of sound and spatial phenomenons.

【Digital Art】超級美的實體3D影像,這是一座戲劇張力強烈的LED動力雕塑,作品利用機械結構的運轉產生底部基坐動態,並且在基座上面安裝上具有彈性的碳纖維棒與LED,當裝置運作時就會產生數位水波紋的3D動態,厲害厲害。