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In the Nearai style, the bonsai was grown so fully and tightly in the pot that the root and soil would maintain its shape when taken out of the pot.

Kokedama style of Wabikusa. Wabi denotes something aesthetic, imperfectly beautiful and natural. Kusa means grass, or sometimes, plant. It denotes something natural, Kokedama is a ball of moss covered soil with arranged plants. Unlike other bonsai styles, its history is not so old and it’s said the idea originated from Nearai, which was a popular bonsai style during the Edo era in Japan, and is a bonsai grown first in a pot and taken out of the pot and set on a stand to enjoy without a pot.



NEARAI can be single plants or mixed plantings that have been grown in pots and when the pot is full of roots it is removed from the pot and displayed on a flat showing the roots. The roots can be washed to expose them more if desired. Often Shitakusa, Kusamono or Kokedama will eventually develop into Nearai. For practical reasons, these should be displayed on stone or ceramic flats.

A display of mini or mame bonsai; a jade plant grown in a cascade style.