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Women in the Wild West. (late 1890s/early 1900s)

This is exactly how I picture women in the Wild West, drinking alcohol and carrying guns. This is my first pin for this board and I'm excited to learn more about women in the Wild West.

This is from one of my best friend Linda who lives far from me..I love her..Thank you darlin'..Linda says : To my lovelies and far away friends, Arzu & Wendy! This is so true it's funny! Love ya!

Free, Flirting Ecard: The reason we live so far apart is because the world couldn't handle this much awesomeness in one place!

horse girls know how to handle

Horses were a huge part of my life for a long time (til I got slammed into a tree) and I don't take a lot of shit before I'll give you the boot!

Joshua Bell and a social experiment by the Washington Post. "How many other things are we missing?"

Funny pictures about Slow down. Oh, and cool pics about Slow down. Also, Slow down photos.

too funny!

“Just A Women? Oh, Hell No! - I am a big cup of wonderful, covered in awesome sauce, with a splash of bitch, and a dash of crazy.

I've had enough.

Free and Funny Family Ecard: You flipped the bitch switch, so sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride, asshole.


friends are for ever een if they live far away. thank you for being my friend. my friend you are a blessing for me. good friends are .

Look after the less fortunate

Many wolf hunters think wolves are these wretched, dangerous beasts. Wolves are usually weary of people and actually fear mankind. When they attack it is to protect themselves or their family.

I'll go along with that

It's better to have loved and lost than live with an idiot for the rest of your life ;

If thats the case I must be the most honest and trustworthy person to walk the planet lol

"People who use a lot of swear words tend to be more honest and trustworthy, human behavioral studies suggest." I must be the most honest, trustworthy human then hahah