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US soldiers watching ammunition of captured Sturmtiger


This Sherman does not look in good condition

Japanese forces enter the French Concession, Shanghai, July 1940. The vehicle in the foreground is a Type 94 tankette.

[Photo] Type 94 Te-Ke tankettes, date unknown


(A Sturmtiger in the German town of Drolshagen) It had a crew of 5 and was armed with a rocket launcher for which it carried 14 rounds and 1 machine gun.



Mariupol, UCRANIA octubre 1941

kruegerwaffen: “Parts of the SS Division “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler” on the outskirts of Mariupol, in October the center assault gun StuG.B, left 105 mm light field howitzer right in the background Panzerjäger I.

A39 'Tortoise'  heavy assault tank

Our Gallery: Diesel Era Giants

80 ton British Tortoise heavy assault tank with 32 pdr gun, built before the Normandy invasion in anticipation of having to fight through elaborate fixed German defences. Though surprisingly reliable it was too cumbersome: only 6 were built.

GD Aufklarung - UK based German Re-enactment Group - portraing as accurately as possible rifle men of an armored reconnaissance unit within the elite ‘Grossdeutschland’ Division that mainly saw active service on the Russian front during World War II.

German soldiers confer as they await orders during the El Alamein fighting.

German soldiers confer as they await orders during the El Alamein fighting.

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German "Jagdpanzer IV Jagdtiger" or "Tank Destroyer Hunting Tiger". Easily the strongest tank in WWII

Una compagnia di M13/49 in Nord-Africa

Carri in Africa Settentrionale con la colorazione grigio verde

World War II Pictures In Details: Jagdtiger Abandoned in Neustadt

Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf B mit cm PaK 44 Russia

BAD JUJU from the past

German tanks of world war II(The top 2 heavy tank was never made), pin by Paolo Marzioli

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Autoblinda Tobruk June 1942.

Autoblinda Tobruk June 1942.

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