• Cory Werkheiser

    German Preparations for Operation Sealion, 1940.

  • Philip Wilson

    RAF official photographer -- German invasion barges in Boulogne Harbour, France, June 1940. -- High quality art prints, canvases -- Imperial War Museum Prints

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ROYAL AIR FORCE BOMBER COMMAND 1942-1945 (HU 93014) Markers dropped on Gnome-Rhone aero-engine factory at Limoges, France, on the night of 8/9 February 1944

22 January 1945. A German pilot and the US troops of the 90th Infantry Division that shot him down near Halstoff, France, survey his Bf 109G.

Deportation of French citizens of Jewish heritage from Marseille, which was apart of the Vichy collaboration state. On 22 January 1943, over 4000 Jews were seized in the city as part of Action Tiger. They were held in detention camps before being deported to Poland to be exterminated.

BRITISH ARMY FRANCE 1940 (F 2222) A soldier from the 2nd Warwickshire Regiment takes aim with his rifle while seated in a tree, Rumegies, 22 January 1940.

BRITISH ARMY FRANCE 1940 (F 2212) Men of the 2nd Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment manning a trench in the snow at Rumegies, 22 January 1940.

BRITISH ARMY FRANCE 1940 (F 2160) Men of the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers man a French 25mm 34 SA anti-tank gun at Dury, 14 January 1940.

Captain Eugene Kirby of Granite Falls, North Carolina as he speaks to his platoon leaders over an SCR-300 radio on January 6, 1945. Kirby commanded a company in the 2nd Battalion, 314th Infantry Regiment, 79th Infantry Division. The photo was taken at Rohrweiler, France.

M4A3 (76mm) W Sherman tanks of 1st platoon, Company 'A,' 714th Tank Battalion, 12th Armored Division at Bischwiller, France. 6 January 1945. They are preparing to fire into Drusenheim on the German border.

Men of the 1st Battalion The King's Shropshire Light Infantry dressing for a concert party in France, 28 December 1939.

Members of the French Army man an acoustic locator device on January 4, 1940. The device was one of many experimental designs, built to pick up the sound of distant aircraft engines and give their distance and location. The introduction and adoption of radar technology rendered these devices obsolete very quickly.

4th Royal Tank Regiment (Scottish), Matilda tank in France, January 1940

BRITISH ARMY FRANCE 1940 (F 2038) Men of the 2nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers in a trench in front of the Maginot Line, 3 January 1940.

December 31, 1944, Pvt Robert W Bell (left) and PFC Charles W McCall - 139th Airborne Engineer Battalion are guarding a road leading to the village of Douzy (near Sedan, France) (NARA)

An aerial view of a B-17 Flying Fortress of the 390th Bombardment Group dropping bombs on Bois-Colombes, France - 31 December 1943

RAF ground staff in France with their mascot 'Bully' and his kennel, 18th December 1939.

RAF airmen at an airfield in France with their adopted mascot 'Aloysius' - 18 December 1939

American self-propelled howitzer M7 "Priest" (105 mm HMC M7) at the position in Ribeauville, France. December 9, 1944.

US Army engineers walking the Siegfried Line in flak jackets, 03 December 1944

Jewish men in Drancy, France queuing for disinfection, 3rd December 1942.

M3A1 Half-Track of the 14th Armored Division "Liberators" passes close to a knocked out Sherman M4A3(76)W. The tank commander didn't make it; he's hanging half outside the turret, burned, after the German attack that destoyed his tacnk. Barr, Alsace, north-eastern France. 29 November 1944.

The cramped interior of the battery commander's dugout at a 25-pdr field gun battery near Mouchin, France, 29 November 1939.

A Frenchwoman exclaims to her neighbor and to an American soldier: "Tout Belfort est libre!" (All Belfort is liberated). November 25, 1944.

2nd Battalion, 442nd RCT near St. Die area France, November 13, 1944.

Recruiting office of the Waffen SS in Calais France - 12 November 1944.

Soldiers of the 51st Highland Division wearing gasmasks while on duty in a fort on the Maginot Line in France, 3 November 1939.