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  • Cory Werkheiser

    German Preparations for Operation Sealion, 1940.

  • Philip Wilson

    RAF official photographer -- German invasion barges in Boulogne Harbour, France, June 1940. -- High quality art prints, canvases -- Imperial War Museum Prints

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German soldiers surround a captured French heavy 240 mm howitzer "Saint-Chamond" Model 84. Several of these howitzers captured during the invasion of France in 1940 were put to service by the Germans under the designation K 556(f) and were deployed along the Atlantic Wall. Photo taken in June 1940.

A French colonial prisoner of war in German captivity, 1940. Colorized by retropotamus.

Unperturbed German POW...France 1945. Very happy, I suppose, not to have been captured further east...

Hope's aluminum pot collection was getting out of hand, but Nate didn't know how to broach the subject without her getting all defensive and snarky. NO ONE wanted to be around Hope when she got defensive and snarky.

Three women on the way from the factory where they work to church, where they will pray for their servicemen husbands, Battersea, London, June 1944. Original publication: Picture Post 1731 - Three Girls Go To Church To Pray For Their Husbands - Pub. 24th June 1944 ~

All pictures by Paul Fusco “As a staff photographer for Look magazine in 1968, Fusco was commissioned to document the events surrounding the funeral. He captured thousands of Americans standing by the railroad tracks to greet Kennedy’s funeral train, the mourners gathered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, and the dramatic night burial in Arlington National Cemetery.” - Paul Fusco: RFK

John Gutmann, Texas Women, 1937...This picture is just so odd, I keep imagining the stories behind it....

This is the photo that would trigger vertigo in most people! A workman perched atop this shaky chimney, all that is left of the building, is chipping away with a hammer. London during the Blitz, 1940. The question is: how did he climb up there?

British Suffragette selling the Votes for Women, London, 1910. We women must always be thankful to the women who went before us. They were the trail blazers.