New/Old work for Deus Ex Machina by Dan Cassaro

Logos and branding for motorcycle company, Deus Ex Machina by DAN CASSARO.

Pablo Bicasso’s Quotes


未読1435件 - Yahoo!メール

Pinned with the statement: "Beautiful typography!" But this is clearly hand-lettering. I've seen a lot of hand calligraphy identified as typography.

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Deli Espresso Window Sign by Ashley Willerton - 90 of the best typographic designs of 2014 via


Buy Vintage Premium Quality Labels Set by iatsun on GraphicRiver. A set of fully editable vintage premium quality labels in woodcut style. Use gradient mesh.

Gorgeous Vintage Era Type & Logo Designs by Ben Didier: Pretty/Ugly Design

Herb Lubalin

Harris Lewine (art Director) Tom Carnase (Letterer) Book Jacket for Beards this would have been awesome if the the eyes and beard were the same weight

Project Showcase: Good Enough to Eat by Drew Melton

Logo and Typography Designs by Tomasz Biernat

lake house typefaces - Google 検索

don't really think art deco is the style I'm going for but I like the font of 'the great' Okay there are two amazing things about this. The lettering and the fact that it says the great gatsby :) yay