Hey babe hope you had a great day!!! I been thinking about you all day and reading your posts, it seems like your in a little better place maybe, your posts arent as dark and hopeless, but only you know how it is and i know your a great actor. If there is anything you need or want im here for you . No strings attached just friend helping friend. I look forward to hearing from you soon. ;-)

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I wish I didn't care so much. I wish I could just make my feelings for you go away but then I look in the kids eyes and I see you all over again :-(

"Creo en el color rosa. Creo que la risa es la mejor manera de quemar calorías. Creo en la magia de besar mucho. Creo en ser fuerte cuando todo parece ir mal. Creo que las chicas felices son las chicas más bonitas. Creo que mañana es otro día y creo en los milagros". Audrey Hepburn

And if you can't say something nice just say nothing at all....sometimes you just have to bite the heck out of your tongue

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