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Ősiségünk nyoma - a pallag-kultúra Erdélyben - The Terrace Culture/ pallag culture in transylvania - made by hungarian ancestry - kétségtelen tény, hogy a Tatárlakán talált 7500 éves rovott amulett előtt már állt a pallagkultúra. Székelyföldön, pallagnak nevezi a gyergyószéki székely már ősidők óta - The hungarian-székely people call terrace > Pallag since ancient times


Mezokovesd Hungarian blouse

Hungary - Hortobágy , Magyar (Hungarians) were created by God to sit on horseback, horse riding is an important part of Hungarian culture

hungarian Matyo blouse

Hungarian Matyo outfit for a man

What's it like to live in a remote village in Romania? This part of the world famously has the last peasant culture in Europe. It's beautiful, harsh and fascinating. Read about Romania and life in the village, the land of myth and fairy tale, where self sufficiency is the norm and custom is king. Winter is coming, it's getting cold. Join us as we try to stay warm and learn more about this amazing culture. http://simpleliferomania.com

Beautiful szur from Hungary - the Hungarian crest is embroidered into the design

Early Matyó men's shirt - Hungarian Embroidery at the Met Costume Institute

Coat from Hungary

hungarian blouse 1815


Hungarian headdress

Date: 1840–70 Culture: Hungarian Medium: wool, leather, cotton Dimensions: Length at CB: 49 1/2 in. From the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Vest Late 19th c Hungarian, Wool, silk, cotton

hungarian postcards

Hungarian flag

A Hungarian family! :)

Vintage Hungarian poster

Hungarian Dress

Escultura del dios-serpiente Glykon,Museo de Tomis, Constanza, Rumania Dacian culture, Romania