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    Ősiségünk nyoma - a pallag-kultúra Erdélyben - The Terrace Culture/ pallag culture in transylvania - made by hungarian ancestry - kétségtelen tény, hogy a Tatárlakán talált 7500 éves rovott amulett előtt már állt a pallagkultúra. Székelyföldön, pallagnak nevezi a gyergyószéki székely már ősidők óta - The hungarian-székely people call terrace > Pallag since ancient times


    Hungary - Hortobágy , Magyar (Hungarians) were created by God to sit on horseback, horse riding is an important part of Hungarian culture

    hungarian Matyo blouse

    Beautiful szur from Hungary - the Hungarian crest is embroidered into the design

    Early Matyó men's shirt - Hungarian Embroidery at the Met Costume Institute

    Coat from Hungary

    hungarian postcards

    Vintage Hungarian poster

    Hungarian flag

    Hungarian Dress

    hungarian boots

    Hungarian girl - Kalotaszeg

    Pannonhalma vineyard - Hungary, wonderful ancient home of the hungarians

    hungarian children

    Segesvár ( Schäßburg ) - Since ancient times an important city for the Hungarians - after unfair Treaty of Trianon ( after World War I ) romanians named Sighișoara

    Temesvár - ancient Hungarian city, romanians since the unjust Trianon Treaty, First the coat of arms of the city was first known as the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Hungary, which in 1365 donated to the Hungarian King Louis I., One of the most important cities of Hungary's history

    Hungarian cape

    Magyar Huszár - Hungarian Hussar - Hungarian traditional clothing is probably the most flattering to the male physique

    The Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest

    hungarian folk wear