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    We could learn something from this couple! :)

    You think Mondays are bad? Try working weekends, holidays, and 12 hour nights! Or all three at once :)

    Funny Confession Ecard: This whole grown-up thing has been fun but I have to go now.

    SO TRUE! I always say, as soon as I get to the bottom I'll go to bed... It never comes! :)

    Funny Cry for Help Ecard: Dinner again? Damnit, I just fed them yesterday.

    I think I'll just make a button and wear it everywhere ... maybe change party to meeting ... or wedding ... or just leave it blank so I'll never be without an option!

    Oh the joys of being a night person. And it takes months to get on a normal sleep schedule, but just one day of going to bed late and you fall right back into being awake all night! Story of my life.

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    My purse does not belong in the back.

    Seriously I think I wake up at like 2:00am every morning and it takes me forever to go back to sleep