Life Magazine, 1969

Vietnam War

life magazine , december 19th, 1969 with charles manson

The Generation Gap. Life Magazine Cover 1968

The Monkees and Davy Jones first appearance on the cover of TV Guide Magazine in 1966. This was THE magazine I read cover to cover each week when I was young and I kept them for years.

Dorothy Dandridge’s groundbreaking Life magazine cover from November 1954.

Life magazine, May 7, 1971 - Germaine Greer

A #Marijuana Crop in Crittenden County, Kentucky In 1942 This is an old photograph of a legally grown marijuana crop in rural Crittenden County, Kentucky that was taken in 1942. During World War II, the U.S. Government paid farmers in rural Kentucky to raise marijuana for national defense purposes. The marijuana plants were used to make rope. Legal marijuana growing ended at the end of World War. #Weed #Pot

LIFE (26 Nov, 1965) Photo Vietcong prisoner with taped eyes and mouth. A few minutes after taking the picture, the prisoner would be shot in the temple, by an American soldier - and this will become the most famous war crime, the Vietnam War, and will receive a name - murder in Saigon. The author photo - one of the best photographers of LIFE -Paul Schutze, perished during the Six Day War in the Middle East in 1967.

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The Youth Commune: Life magazine, July 1969.

LIFE. 1969!


1969 Life Magazine August 8 1969 American Flag on The Moon vintage history

Woodstock 1969

Elizabeth II: An Official Coronation Portrait for Life Magazine, 1953. She's very pretty


Bell Bottoms, 1969

1968, Life Magazine

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