Life Magazine - Women's Liberation

September 1970 issue of Life Magazine featuring cover story on women's liberation

Life - The bare look in fashion

Life Magazine July 1972 : Cover - The Bare Look at Yellowfingers in Manhattan.

Lucy & Ethel crazymusiclover things i love

Classic BFF power pair Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) and Ethel Mertz (Vivian Vance, right) on the hit TV series, "I Love Lucy.

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"It is my purpose, as one who lived and acted in these days, first to show how easily the tragedy of the Second World War could have been prevented; how the malice of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous.

Norell Styles life magazine cover: 26 Sep 1960

Life Magazine September 1960 : Cover - Fluffy ostrich cape by designer Norell.

Lincoln Memorial  life magazine cover

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I used to stand on a stool to help put the clothes through the wringer for my mamma!

Wringer washer like my mom and grandmas had. I remember when my sister got her arm caught in the roller.

P I N T E R E S T: emelinec18

Vintage prom photo 1959 found photo street style late evening dress cocktail length gold yellow green tulle satin couple stand next to car vintage fashion style mens suit white coat

May, 2012. 40 years ago, Palestinian terrorists brought violence and death to the Olympics. This week, the IOC refused to hold a minute's silence in the memory of the Israeli athletes that were murdered.

The Munich massacre was an attack during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany, on eleven Israeli Olympic team members, who were taken .

Life magazine cover by keenjonny, via Flickr

Life magazine cover - so much still to learn about LSD. Sorry but it's mind-boggling that scientists haven't had much access to it in the past 40 years.