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I need this today. // Shoe Tie Practice Board

Sensory Balloons: Dry Beans, Coffee Grounds, Hair Gel, Flour, Baby Powder, Rice, Water, Etc.

from PreKinders

Texture Touch Boxes

Texture Touch Boxes for Science Center in Preschool and Kindergarten. A fun, hand-on way for kids to feel different textures and describe.

How Sweet It Is: DIY Book of Textures (sensory book) Great cheap idea! :)

This would be a cute way to teach first graders or kindergartens their senses. You make a poster of a human. you then have the students label the body part and then have the same student or a different student connect the body part to the senses that it performs.

(Sense of touch) put different objects in balloons and have the children guess what each one is. Then, open them up to see what it is. (Tie with elastics so it is easier to open.) To further the lesson, make a chart of prediction and result.