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Coffeehouses brought people and ideas together; they inspired brilliant ideas and discoveries that would make Britain the envy of the world.

The surprising history of London's fascinating (but forgotten) coffeehouses

London cafes: the surprising history of London's lost coffeehouses - Telegraph

Hogarth.El camarote del capitán Graham -1745

wine-loving-vagabond submitted to medievalpoc: “ William Hogarth Captain Lord George Graham in his Oil on canvas. National Maritime Museum, London The painting was commissioned by Graham to commemorate one of his naval battles.

Dining in Georgian Britain. Eating in Georgian London: How to Buy Meat and Poultry, Sample Menus and Much Much More, Posted on May 15, 2012 by Susanna	 It’s time for another exciting installment from The London Adviser and Guide!  Today we will learn how to purchase meat and poultry in Georgian London. To break up the text, I’m inserting images of course settings from various cookbooks from the late 1700s/early 1800s.

Dining in Georgian Britain. Frontpiece-radcliffe This room reminds me very much of the scene in Emma when Isabella and Mr. Knightley come to visit the Woodhouses and tension build between Mr. Knightley and Mr.

Musical necessaire (case) with watch About 1770 London, England; James Cox (about 1723-1800). Agate with gold set with pearls and brilliant-cut paste (glass). Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

Musical necessaire case with watch, London, James Cox, agate with gold set with pearls and brilliant-cut paste glass, ca.

#Voltaire and #Diderot at the Café Procope, 1772. Voltaire lève la main pour imposer le silence. Wikipédia #kiss4emm

Voltaire and Diderot at the Café Procope - Café Procope — Wikipédia

cherokeedays: “oldfarmhouse: “carlosengelkamp https://500px.com/ ” rustic ”

For theme: At Home. A spot of tea in Holland means just that! In Britain it's close to a picnic indoors!

Le Cirque du Soleil pr�sentera son spectacle �Paramour� sur Broadway en 2016

Le Cirque du Soleil pr�sentera son spectacle �Paramour� sur Broadway en 2016