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  • Michelle Morales admiration of book reading tat..

  • Sarah Nelson

    Tattoo inspiration. This is beautiful

  • Julia Trask

    Skull and faeries.

  • bmelan

    Done by Chad at Electric Chair tattoos in Clio Michigan. I absolutely love my tattoo. It’s a way for me to carry around all of my favorite books and express my overall love of reading.

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Not quite sure what kind of animal it is, could be a fox or a wolf but it sure is a nice tattoo.

Okay, I've been trying to design a side piece for awhile now. It will be centered around my current anchor tattoo. Gotta remember this for when I'm getting it drawn out-- love the water.

I would never get a tattoo like this, but that's some awesome artistry right there!

owl tattoo was thinking about this as an upper outter thigh tattoo, but then to add a backround of some-sort.

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inkah: This is gorgeous. This piece was done by Alexandr Pashkov (aka: tattoo-x). His website can be found here.