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    Too much salt is bad for your health! start adding less salt to your food, start avoiding eating in fast food chains!

    We all know fast food is bad for us but we keep eating it! Check out the top reasons not to eat fast food.

    Fast food is a bad addiction

    We all know that regularly consuming fast food is bad for our waistlines and physical health, but less known are the mental health hazards of that kin

    Adding the fuel to disease is as easy as buying a McDonald's happy meal. Healthy eating is in the past because of the self proclaimed "Healthy eating," by many fast food company's. Our perception on what is good to eat and what is bad is completely skewed and wrong.

    Yet another reason fast food is bad for you

    Reason Why Fast Food is Bad For #Health

    How to get started using & adding herbs to your diet & health regimen | where to start with herbs

    Childhood Obesity - Genetics are triggered, not an automatic. As parents, it's our job to ensure they have a life of health and comfort.. not set them up for a slew of issues because of their start on faux foods. It is THE most important thing we can do for their health.

    The Health Benefits of #Blueberries I will officially be adding blueberries to my diet! Lololol!

    .added benefits of eating healthy

    Improve your health by adding spice to your life! Spices are known to enhance the flavor of foods we eat. But, did you know eating them can also...

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