The Capybara, world's largest rodent, has a large body, coarse fur, and is semi-aquatic with partially webbed feet. They live in many countries of South America. It inhabits dense forests that are close to lakes, ponds, rivers, and swamps.

Capybara- I think I want one?? They're cute... But always look a little shady..... not sure if I can trust 'em...

Two black tailed fawns playing in Olympic National Park, Washington. By Mary Campbell.

Bathing Capybaras by Kotaro Yokoyama

kogumarecord: いい湯だなぁ…カピバラ、露天風呂でポカポカ : 社会 : YOMIURI...

wall-climbing mountain goats

Endangered Tree Kangaroo With Baby In Pouch #awww #endangered #animals #conservation



Guinea pig riding a capybara. That is all.

Lunch time for the Capybara family

They also eat watermelon. | After Looking At These Photos You Will DEFINITELY Want A Capybara

Albino gorilla



mine ... mine ... mine ... MINE!!!

c'mon ma, you already got that spot