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  • Mark King

    Bayesian graph

  • Stephen Huppert

    Quick hit: Bayesian Statistics | Actuarial Eye

  • Robin Wells

    Statistical errors. P values, the gold standard of statistical validity, are not as reliable as many scientists assume. P values have always had critics. In their almost nine decades of existence, they have been likened to mosquitoes (annoying and impossible to swat away), and the emperor's new clothes (fraught with obvious problems that everyone ignores). One researcher suggested rechristening the methodology 'statistical hypothesis inference testing,' presumably for the acronym.

  • Pablo

    Scientific method: Statistical errors : Nature News & Comment. About p values

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! Nature, Volume 497 Number 7449. A three-dimensional view of intact mouse hippocampus rendered transparent, showing neurons expressing eYFP (green), parvalbumin (red) and glial fibrillary acidic protein (blue). Cover: Kwanghun Chung & Karl Deisseroth, HHMI/Stanford Univ. Nature Publishing Group

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Nature, Volume 497 Number 7447. Genetically modified crops, we were promised, would deliver a second green revolution. In this special issue, Nature charts the development of GMO technology in the past three decades and looks for the green shoots that might form the basis of the next generation of GMOs. Cover: Kelly Krause/Nature (photo: Nagy-Bagoly Arpad/Shutterstock) Nature Publishing Group

Tackling animal diseases to protect human health. #Veterinary #vaccines might recombine to produce new virus strains. Different vaccine viruses, of European (left) and Australian (right) origin, used simultaneously to control laryngotracheitis infection in chickens, were found to have recombined to produce new infectious viruses. (Credit: Andrea Rinaldi, EMBOR) Nature Publishing Group #NPG

Nature, Volume 510 Number 7503. Many of the high-resolution membrane protein structures published recently are notable for the presence of lipids closely associated with the protein, prompting the question, how are these lipids influencing membrane complex structure? On the cover, IM-MS captures a native membrane protein complex emerging from an ion mobility cell. Shown is the ammonia channel in apo, one- and two-lipid bound states. Cover: Arthur Laganowsky

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