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F#/ C#, D#, E, F#, G#, A#, C# Another new scale for us on a 19" diameter Saraz: F# Mixolydian. I don't believe I have ever heard this scale on any handpan. Mixolydian scales have a special place in my heart. Flattening the major 7th is a nice transition from sugar sweet dreaminess to motivated seduction. Looking forward to extending this scale with a low A# on the bottom shell one day.

SSK No. 8: Heard a lady playing this on the streets of Manali years ago. Obsessed with it. Have to learn how to play this beauty.

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E/ B C D E F# G B The second Saraz built from a Deep Drawn shell. Interesting material with some interesting differences relative to our hammer shaped shells or the rolled shells we have used in the past.

Shellopan - fablab - makers - DIY Great source of high quality Deep Drawn Shells. The first Saraz Deep Drawn Eminor was built on this shell ;)