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if you're my friend, it's more likely to be ho, bitch, babe, nerd, weirdo, idiot, sexy, beautiful, child, dear, love, etc...but if I don't know you I guess I'd be forced to use the ones on the post 😅😅 but I prob. wouldn't be talking to someone I don't know that well anyway. also I refuse to use mate. just no. ew. animals engaging in coitus is the only acceptable use for the word mate.

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Haha naw he is way way more of that seductive mating dance than 1%

pinof | Tumblr "Time for some banter with Dan my mate, with whiskers on our faces it’s PHIL IS NOT ON FIRE 8! I thought I was ready for PINOF 8, but I was wrong. Thanks for another year, @danisnotonfire and@amazingphil!" by doodleswithangie on tumblr

from Goodnes

Peppermint Mocha Marshmallow Dip

This holiday season, celebrate with the flavorful taste of peppermint. At your next holiday party, make a delicious bowl of Peppermint Mocha Marshmallow Dip. Featuring Peppermint Mocha Flavor Nestlé® Coffee Mate® and Cinnamon Cream Flavored Nestlé® Coffee Mate® natural bliss® All-Natural Coffee Creamer, this tasty treat pairs perfectly with graham crackers, pretzels and bananas.