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DIY Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed - How To Build the Bed and Bookcase

Learn how to build this stunning Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed for your home! The tutorial and FREE plans are easy to follow and you won't have to give up your office or craft room to make room for guests!

Sintex -Workspace ergonomic rules - So that you can only move with any freedom if you are sitting down? This looks sort of evil! I can't still figure out why leave that gap between two tables if it is clearly impossible for anyone to walk past it without squeezing, and if you back your chair, you have barely enough to stand up... I hope people don't follow this sort of thing.

New Audio Desk

Just like listening to a well-curated playlist can help you breeze through a bunch of work, a nice desk can make all the difference. Well, that and Adderall. Anyway, if you're looking for one of those desks, this new one from Symbol Audio could be it.

height adjustable touch sensitive display work stations, hundreds of these units in variations ranging from flat work surfaces to angular NX-01 style stations