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22 LEGENDARY Quotes From Feminist, Writer, Advocate Carrie Fisher

"I haven't ever changed who I am. I've just gotten more accepting of it. Being happy isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you have." - Carrie Fisher

this is why some see all the signs but yet still deny them because they don't want to be ready to see

The worst part is that I look at myself in the mirror like this at times. It's not easy when you're empathic, manic and bipolar.

So true why anxiety is so debilitating. It's an altered perception on the brain

It’s not love.

dialogue prompt

never make fun of someone's passion because that's the thing that saves them from the world

if i don't love her as much as i used to, it's because I realized i deserve better than the abusive asswipe who made me suicidal. all kids idolize their parents, doesn't mean they should.