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2014 Artix Entertainment Calendar: Battle On in Battleon all year long! Celebrate 2014 with the Artix Entertainment double-sided Calendar Poster. Feast your eyes on this glorious 24-inch by 36-inch high-gloss poster that incorporates 365 days of adventure alongside your favorite undead-slaying pun-slinging Paladin. Now that you've got your dates and time in check IRL, check out exclusive in-game items in AQWorlds, AdventureQuest, and HeroSmash!

2013 Calendar with exclusive in-game items! *AQWorlds includes a TimeKiller Class, Very Big Ben Cape, TimeReaper Scythe and Hood *DragonFable includes a Time Killer Class *MechQuest includes A-Head of Schedule head weapon

Panda Hoodie

Wild Panda Appeared! We hear they are becoming very scarce. Catch yourself one before it gets away!

AdventureQuest 3D T-Shirt

AdventureQuest 3D Official T-Shirt has arrived! The AQ3D t-shirt gives you a way to display your love of Lore, dragons, and looking AWESOME! You’ll get more rewards than just looking like a Hero, though! Your t-shirt comes with 4 HeroPoints, a new in-game currency which lets you unlock exclusive gear inside our games when you buy merchandise. AQ3D EARLY ACCESS is also included and a sweet AQ3D Exclusive In-Game Item Hero's Wrap of Honor Cape!!!

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