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These 17 hilarious Wine Memes embody the true meaning of Christmas, which is to drink lots and lots of delicious wine!


One for the ugly ass on your shoulders and one for your fat ass.

Can't teach common sense

I've said the equivalent of this many, many times. I called it "pharmaceutical freedom" Give everyone what ever they ask for. Let 'em take as much of whatever as they want, and watch the level of stupid in the gene pool drop.


Runner Things Ok Santa, these are the only toys I need. New running shoes, Maniac gear, airfare, hotels and race entries to marathons in all 50 states!

Today's forecast; severe attitude warnings possible throughout the day, scattered sarcasm showers, and a strong chance of annoyance later in the day.

Attention Walmart Shoppers: Any unattended kids will be force-fed candy and soda prior to being released back to you.

BITCH QUOTES - Google Search

Funny Confession Ecard: Bitchcraft- The art of pissing people off while smiling sweetly.

Christmas Humor

Christmas Gifting , most awesome idea when going to relatives house you see once a year but still for some f-ing idea exchange gifts!


Free and Funny Friendship Ecard: You're ridiculous. And by that I mean, we are going to best friends.

esp since you keep pawning her off and taking things away from her for your own selfish reasons. It's HER TURN to live. not yours. not yours anymore.

Irrational sense of entitlement. Today's generation was born with their hand out.

How many more pictures must you take of yourself? We get it. You need to be told you're beautiful. | eCards

That is pretty sad when you have more selfies of you than you have pictures of children, husband or with friends. Attention seeking much LOL


Funny Encouragement Ecard: THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Never hold your farts in. They travel up your spine, into your brain, and thats where shitty ideas come from.

Funny Ecards. I know right? My 5 year old cousin got an ipod 5 for Christmas. My 10 year old neighbor got an iphone 6. It's crazy

Free and Funny Christmas Season Ecard: You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. You're ten years old and you have an iphone you little shit.

You can only say "WTF?" so many times. I've been telling people this for years when they ask my why I am off to the liquor store. aaaaaand I'm just about there.