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  • Adele Burghall

    PAST - Lucha Libre Masks A popular part of a Mexican wrestler’s persona is his or her mascara, or lucha libre mask.  The masks play an important part of the storyline, and can also provide some anonymity in a country enthralled by the sport of Mexican wrestling. ( Lucha, M, 2009)

  • Sasha Mahar

    Santo, Blue Demon, El Rayo

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Lucha Libre reminds me so much of my cousins in Mexico..

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PAST/PRESENT - Lucha libre (Spanish: “free wrestling”) is a term used in Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking countries, for a form of professional wrestling with a unique history in latin culture. Mexican wrestling is characterized by colorful masks, rapid sequences of holds, as well as "high-flying" maneuvers, some of which have been adopted in US professional wrestling. (Herr, J, 2012)

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