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poking holes with a toothpick to make letters/ numbers/shapes- one of my favorite fine motor activities!

3 Easy Fine Motor Activities

fine motor activities

Use the clothes pegs to pick up small pieces of paper. Here, Callum selects the dark green paper that he needs to make “scrunchie” leaves for his tree.

A very unique way to provide kids something to focus on...they use a huge Push Pin to make enough holes in their paper so they can eventually cut it out in their favorite shape! Inspired by my local Montessori preschool

Pencil Grasp Development....Breaks down The different stages and ages for proper pencil grasping....Good to know.

Fine Motor Activity with Q-Tips

Q-Tip Fine Motor Activity


Preschool Letter G

Sensory gel writing. Fill a snap-lock bag with a bit of hair gel and some food coloring and mix together. Such a fun way to get your kiddos to write!

Feather Color Sorting and Fine Motor Activity

Fine Motor Activity

Dominant and non-dominant hands working together: toddler cutting with scissors and toddler writing while steadying with other hand