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This logo is simple, but very creative. The letter 'E' in the word open looks like an open door, but the letter is still easily recognized

"Bici logo" I pinned this piece to my research board for it's creativity and design. The designer has found a clever and creative way to include the element within the typography. The bike itselfs lies on top of the letter b and letter c.

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DG Photography

the letters D and G work together to create a camera

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30 Minimal Logo Designs that Say More with Less

Typographic logo - WALK...This is how I teach spelling... pics of the word within the letters... works like a charm for the righties. #Logo #GraphicDesign #Typography

Letter i logo inspiration, letter logos, typographic logos, logo for letter i, alphabet i, i, #logo, #letterlogo, #typography

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25 Outstanding Logo Designs

I like the 'n' in white. It's a creative way to show the word.

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25 beautiful logo designs

This is a very simplistic but yet effective logo. I love how geometric and straight it is. The designer did a great job making it simple and yet still easy to read the word WAVE. The fact that the A and the V tie into each other is eye catching because it takes a second to catch on what it is. This design is very easy to remember and pick out.

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42 Logo Designs With Creative Use of Pen

creative use of pencils/pens in logo design - 42 examples

iBallet Logo Design | More logos #logo #design #inspiration

freedom typography... nice design. | #corporate #branding #creative #logo #personalized #identity #graphic #design #corporatedesign I liked how they used the definition of the word in the Logo its self, in that the top of the M is breaking free, i also like how it looks like a bird.

I like how the designer play with the shape of the letter O to reinforce the concept of the Moon.

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Glasses Art Print by The Bone Collector

glasses by Bones - Graphic Design - Typography

The perfect integration of a questionmark in the "Question" #logo #design - designed by Benjamin Kauffman, USA

Citicom's logo design | #corporate #branding #creative #logo #personalized #identity #design #corporatedesign < repinned by | Have a look on

logo design - Elevator (even though it's just a wordmark, I like how they incorporated symbolism into the letters)