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    Clean your stovetop - I'll have to try this on mine. I hope it works b/c I have found nothing else that will clean the cooktop.

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    • Megan Layman Bunch

      Stove Top Cleaner: Fill bowl with hot dish soapy water. Soak rag. Add a generous amount of baking soda on stove top. Place damp rag over area & let sit 15mins. Swirl rag in circles over area. Wipe clean. (Tip: wear gloves)

    • Denise Noland

      How to clean a glass stove top! ~ Update: I've tried this a couple of times and it just doesn't work for me. I read in the reviews that someone had good luck with "Barkeepers friend- glass top cleaner". Found it at Walmart and it does work better than anything else I've found, other than not cooking!!!

    • Jasna N.

      GLASS STOVE TOP CLEANER: Cleaning glass tops with baking soda

    • Lindsay Broberg

      Baking soda recipe for cleaning glass stove top

    • Shannon Wehmeyer Short

      cleaning glass stove top w/ baking soda

    • Christine Tudor

      how clean glass stove top: baking soda

    • Beth Hauser

      Baking soda to clean glass stove top.

    • Terrie Galle

      How to clean your glass cooktop I’m the queen of boil overs, and there’s no real good stove top cleaner out there. I’ve heard of different care methods, like using an exacto blade to scrape off carbonized residue, but I was afraid it would scratch up the smooth glass. Not wanting that to happen, I looked into some other alternatives, and the best one is.. Baking Soda!! Don’t ever assume that it’s easier to clean than the old fashioned coils. I thought that 6 months ago when we got this stove that it would be easier to clean for its smooth surface, but don’t be fooled. Whatever the case, it’s awful and yucky looking, so I thought it was high time to see how I could get rid of this fossilized grease on my stovetop. All you need is Bowl & Hot Soapy Water Baking Soda A Cleaning Rag Gloves (I didn’t use any because I thought baking soda wouldnt be harsh on my hands.. but I was wrong, so try to use gloves, you’ll thank me later) IMG_8578 First, you fill a bowl with hot tap water water and mix it with some dish soap. Submerge the rag in the bowl and get it wet. Apply baking soda in a generous amount all over the affected area. Now pull out that hot soapy rag out of the bowl and squeeze half the water out. You want it to be soggy, not sopping. Then wait about 15 minutes… Then swirl the rag around in circles, using the baking soda paste as a gentle scrub. The dry up the surface and shine it up with windex. Good as new!! I repeated these steps 1 time to achieve these results. You may also leave the rag on for longer, depending on how bad it is.

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