Even Rolling Stone mag is talking about Fed Up Movie...

"Food" documentary investigates how demand for more and cheaper food has dramatically changed the entire food chain. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/01/11/food-documentary.aspx

Sugar in your drinks! Fed Up Movie

Thank you to my colleague Maria Shriver for sharing this piece on the 10 Day Detox. Are you ready to put out the fire of inflammation?

fed up movie

Recent studies show sleep loss may put your health at risk, leading to brain damage and onset of Alzheimer's.

CNN Tonight: Katie Couric & Mark Hyman, MD – Fed Up documentary

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FED UP - Official Trailer - YouTube: What the food industry doesn't want you to see. #Film #Fed_Up

Fed Up Movie Poster

Fed Up movie review: It's likely to change everything you think about food, diet, and everything in your pantry.

Sugar Addiction

Fed Up with be available for purchase on September 9th!

Dried Fruit Rolls - DIY: Made with real fruit and no sugar.

The Doctors talked about the risks of excess sugar and the possibility that it’s just as harmful as tobacco. http://www.recapo.com/the-doctors/the-doctors-diet/drs-health-risks-excess-sugar-possible-meningitis-georgetown/

A Common Substance More Addictive Than Cocaine: Breaking the Sugar Habit / All Body Ecology Articles

There are 56 different names for added sugar you might see on a list of ingredients. Get to know them:

The amount of sugar in food expressed in sugar cubes.

Nicely put

sugarless can still be pretty sweet