Stop coworkers from getting their paws on YOUR lunch/snacks at the office with the ingenious Fridge Locker™ from Container Store. The best $20 I've spent.

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Cool mini fridge/paper towel holder/food storage station for college dorm

The college bible

My Organized Fridge | First Home Love Life #organization #organize #kitchen #fridgebinz

Electronics Cleaning Putty. do I eat at my desk. Sadly.... yes.... but this would help.

#Fridge organization

This is totally what my fridge is going to look like very soon. I <3 organization!!!!!

Portable Planetarium, $81 | 37 Things That Actually Belong On Your Wishlist

How cool is this? They keep your bath warm!

Paperwork organization 101: just what do you keep and what do you shred? Great infographic to help you out!

Make it nice and easy! make binders for things I use regularly- coupons, Bills, etc

stacking laundry baskets, nest when empty--I got some like this in green (kids' section of Target.) They even have wheels.

12-Case Photo Storage Carrier

3-Drawer Box the container store

The Container Store > Undershelf Baskets: love this tool and the way it's used here. Too often kitchen towels clog up much needed drawer space!

i want these

Refrigerator Wine Holder. Cool organizer for keeping wine in your fridge without it rolling around or taking up a lot of shelf space.

FlipFOLD® Laundry Folder

This practical present stores herbs up to three weeks in the fridge or on the counter.

The Container Store > Sapien Bookcase