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"Grizzly Cub Waving Hello!" [An orphaned female grizzly cub that was rescued after the mom was killed.]~[Photograph by AlaskaFreezeFrame (Gary Lackie) - August 13 2006 - Alaska]'h4d'121102

Just hold my hand and juuuuuuuump! Listen to The Balcony Scene by Pierce The Veil then tell me if you did not fall in love with it.

PARAMORE POSTER ~ COLORS 24x36 Music Hayley Williams


wendesgray: jesseharding: So usually when I go see a movie alone I like to think of it as going on a date with myself. But when it’s this movie, I like to pretend I’m actually an undercover spy. I really, really hope you suited up.

Don't ask me why but I think opossums are one of the cutest animals ever!! Look at those lil toes and they smile! It's that animal I will swerve off road to miss lol!

Why can't you open your eyes? Maybe I may not be the one you will need forever but I can be there for you now. You mean the world to me.