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I'm Bold enough to say I Love Jesus from the virtual roof tops--now I want to go out and tell the world they are lost without the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Stop stalking me Jebus or I'm gonna call the cops

I LOVE JESUS CHRIST! He's my Lord and savior forever. If you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ I encourage you to attend Maranatha Baptist Church in Mt Pleasant MI. Come and you'll learn you love the Lord!


I personally think that this post is begging for attention. So do not "like this post" I am purely pinning bc I have been called ugly. -Wetheteens ---- I agree.

Random acts of kindness - I was walking my dog when he saw a cat and ran after it. I couldn't find him.

Random acts of kindness gmh

I don't need the you will die in 3 days thing I would've just pinned it even with out it | Jesus | Pinterest | God, I Love God and Believe In God

Idk if this kind of stuff really matters to God but I'll repost cause I'm definitely not for the devil. And if ur reading this u will NOT die just because a post says so.

I'm not doing this because of the threat at the end of post. It's because oh my love for my lord and savior

Don't feel like you have to repost this. God loves you no matter if you repost this story or not. I hate When people say repost because God will bless you or hurt you. God is subject to man.

Let's be honest....this is how it happenes :)

How to actually put on skinny jeans: You don't. You don't wear skinny jeans.

Everybody should repost and share if u believe in god

God should most certainly be capitalized if you truly believe in and love God, you would not repost this for the stupid favor! I love and believe in God, and don’t need to repost this stupid pin to know it.

everyone put this on your most popular board!!<<this is creeping me out because I feel like I've seen her somewhere... but I don't know where I would've seen her............

everyone put this on your most popular board! Sorry that I put it on chat board it's my most popular board, this is NOT my sister but please help