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I feel like i can really connect and relate to Ethan

When someone says Phil's ugly show them this picture

@frannerd's photo: "Since all the selfies I take, happen to suck, here's my "selfie" telling you that I just filmed the Q&A video and I had the best time hahaha. Please teach me about this whole selfie world, I just can't get it right!"

Whenever I watched this I legit had to pause the video because I was laughing so hard.

"Parked car conversations are low key unofficial therapy sessions. "

Selfie Fables | Cruella DeVil by on @DeviantArt

Headed home for the holiday! A gentleman bought my coffee who was ahead of me in the drive thru - what a daymaker! Definitely paying it forward. || PS: Taking an outfit selfie with a cozy oversized sweater isn't the easiest task but this one is seriously one of the best sweaters I've ever owned & it's fully stocked! Also my jeans are 50% off free shipping for a limited time - hurry! Shop here: #liketkit