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Snake Skin Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Siede Preis

I love snakeskin and neon together! I think the texture of snake skin is sexy and the neon adds a bit of fun! Marc Jacobs did a line with snakeskin and neon, but I think it could have been done better. Snakeskin is sleek and classy and I think it would be awesome on a bag!

Spiders web- two reasons... First it looks amazing. And second I love the way it is so symmetrical, I think it's really effective.

Colors and musician/media types live for this stuff...for the drama queen in all of us! love the animal on the wall- perfect!

The spiritual aspect of the environment is what has been lost in the great debate about the way we live, the environmental movement has not understood the power of concepts such as love and reverence, which are not to be confused with religion, and it is often driven by doom, gloom and disaster. ---Satish Kumar via She Sings to the Stars (Image: Aerial photography of saltworks in Niger by George Steinmetz)

White art | Michael Kukla, American-Czech sculptor and fIne artist. "Michael Kukla creates organic surfaces by drilling and grinding out cellular-like structures in marble or plywood slabs." This organically designed sculpture looks like a macro of white coral. (More info: and #white #texture #art - Michael Kukla

Lichen and tree bark. I don't know why but every time I look at it I thinks its The Predator!! That's a good thing!